Nathan is one of the owners of the Maverick Theater in Orange County, California. He is a director, producer, playwright, actor, scenic designer, combat choreographer, and more. Below are some highlights from just a few of his favorite productions. He received a BA with Honors in Acting from the University of California, Irvine in 2002.


Les Miz and Friends! A Puppet Parody!

written and directed by Nathan Makaryk and Genevieve Flati
The Hudson Theatres Mainstage, April 5 - May 11, 2019

A bunch of foul-mouthed puppets invade the greatest musical of all time, and decide to hold a revolution of their own! After a sold out run in 2017, Les Miz AF is taking over Los Angeles in a major way.

LES MIS ART_Hudson_web.jpg

The Legend of Robin Hood

written and directed by Nathan Makaryk
The Maverick Theater, 2012

This original take on the Robin Hood legend follows Robin of Locksley and his friend William de Wendenal, as they return home from war and find themselves caught in turmoil in the Sherwood Forest. Robin tries to temper a group of thieves while WIlliam tackles politics with the Sheriff of Nottingham. This critically-acclaimed and award-nominated production would later be the inception for Nathan's debut novel, NOTTINGHAM.

Robin Hood fans, hold onto your quivers - because ‘The Legend of Robin Hood’ spins a whole new tale more intricate yet more realistic than anything seen before. Suffice it to say that this swashbuckling production has it all - colorful and absorbing characters, compelling ideas, and enough laughs, tears, physical action and dramatic plotting to satisfy anyone. [Makaryk] offers a pulse-pounding yet meditative version showing how the medieval English hero became a legend.
— The Orange County Register
Makaryk deserves high praise. This is a very thoughtful, well-developed play that doesn’t support one cause. There are no polemics here; every character is flawed, every argument has some merit. And, most insightfully, it’s usually when the players do something they think is right that all hell breaks loose.
— OC Weekly

photography by Austin Bauman

The Hobbit

by J. R. R. Tolkien
adapted and directed by Nathan Makaryk
The Maverick Theatear, 2010, 2012

J.R.R.Tolkien's beloved fantasy novel, adapted for the stage. This adaptation is as faithful to the original novel as could be considered theatrically possible, with almost all dialogue pulled directly from the source material. A storyteller takes on Tolkien's narration of Bilbo Baggins' expected journey to reclaim a lost dwarven city from the dragon Smaug, only to discover that the worst danger is what lies afterwards. Featuring pulse-pounding fight sequences and larger-than-life megapuppets.

A triumph of production design ... the all-important element here is the underlying, fablelike tone, bolstered by the production team’s impressive visual and technical effects and by wonderfully detailed characterizations.
— Backstage

Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand
translations by Ranjit Bolt, Anthony Burgess
further adapted and directed by Nathan Makaryk
The Maverick Theater, 2015

One of 19th centry theatre's most breathtakingly romantic tales, packed with exhilarating swordplay, grand passion and dazzling repartee.

‘Cyrano’ is great - and by more than just a nose. In every respect, Makaryk’s brilliance, aptitude and creativity shine - as script adapter, director, production designer and, of course, as Cyrano. That makes his work in Maverick’s stellar production a tour-de-force in more ways than one. The result is an exciting, beautifully-paced play that’s less cumbersome and more accessible than many a revival of Shakespeare’s tragedies.

As Cyrano, Makaryk cuts a dashing figure with the character’s trademark “panache. Without making the role overly sentimental, Makaryk paints a passionate, committed, bright and self-sacrificing hero.
— The Orange County Register

photography by Austin Bauman